black mens magnetic bracelets

Mens magnetic bracelets are believed for releasing pain and illness, one of them is arthritis. So, is there any proof for proving it? In fact, there are not yet found the proof about it but on the contrary, most people feel comfortable and healthy while wearing the magnetic bracelets. Talking about arthritis, it is a […]

Original to infinity and beyond bracelet

To Infinity and Beyond bracelet is something about the creative handcraft. For you who love leather so much, you can trust your accessories to this signature. This signature has concentrated on the leather business that can be personalized and customized. The product of handcrafted leather is getting more popular for couples. It is not just […]

beadazzle on pandora bracelets official site

Who sells Pandora bracelets officially both online and offline? This simple question becomes popular since the Pandora bracelet is highly demanded. For getting the latest collection from the Pandora official site, you just have to come and visit them regularly and find some promotions or sales.  How to Know the Genuine Pandora Bracelets   beadazzle […]

how to make bracelets with beads

How to make bracelets with beads for beautiful result but don’t need to waste much time? There are some instructions that will make you easier to follow. Here we go!   How to Get Additional Accessories on a Bracelet?   how to make bracelets with beads   How to put the beads on the wire? […]

engraved kids medical id bracelets

Kids medical bracelets were created in certain purposes. The Epilepsy Foundation has estimated that there are about three millions Americans suffer epilepsy. Unfortunately, the seizure in people that is suffered from this condition is unpredictable. The sufferers have increased widely these days. There are so many people who suffer epilepsy take the medication for keeping […]

Autism medical id bracelets for kids

Medical ID bracelets for kids with autism should be worn for warning people around. Autism is a term that is used for describing the pervasive developmental disorders. In this modern era, there are nearly 1 in 110 children that are diagnosed with the autism. It is more common than other disorders, such as childhood cancer, […]

how to make a small chevron friendship bracelet

How to make a Chevron friendship bracelet in beautiful shape and color? Here are some easy steps for you to do: Create Beautiful Shape and Color Chevron Bracelet   how to make a chevron friendship bracelet   Cut your embroidery craft or floss for about 60-65 inches for each color. The length of the embroidery […]

turquois chan luu bracelets

How to make Chan Luu bracelets without the price tag? The tutorial of creating this bracelet must make you easier to make it by yourself. Every tutorial that is available comes in different length and detail instruction. So, by this instruction so far, hopefully it suits to your style of learning. Don’t forget to choose […]

Christian engravable bracelets for women

Engravable bracelets for women somehow become one of most wanted jewelry that women want. As we know that diamonds may be girl’s best friend. For more, every woman will adore the personal creations. The personal creations give you special feeling just like having your own personal jeweler. The personal creations are made-to-order with the engraved […]

how to make bead bracelets kit

How to make bead bracelets for your friend? If you need to create something beautiful and hand-made for your best-friend, you have to practice about creating this bead bracelet.  Creations on Making Bead Bracelets   how to make bead bracelets kit   Here are some supplies that you need: 1 mm waxed nylon, cotton or […]